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There are many reasons people want to live in a new construction home: personalizing the interior finishes and fixtures, moving into a pristine new home, enjoying brand new appliances, etc.  However, one of the greatest challenges with new construction is not being able to see your home before the development is finished.  Nothing beats walking through a residence and getting the full experience of what it would be like to live there.  


After more than 70 years of building luxury real estate in Chicago, no one understands this better than the Belgravia Group.  That’s why they’ve invested in cutting-edge technology that allows people to experience Three Sixty West Erie in virtual reality.  


For most people, it’s challenging to see something flat and visualize what it would look like in 3D.  For example, even if you understand that a layout is great for entertaining, that knowledge is different than standing in the living room and picturing your friends and family around you.  That’s what makes VR so appealing—it helps people picture things they haven’t seen in real life.


“You put on the headset and it’s like standing in your future home,” said Liz Brooks, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “You really get a sense of the layout as you walk from room to room. It’s a much different experience than just looking at floorplans and renderings.”  


Liz says a lot of people who visit Belgravia’s sales galleries have never tried a virtual reality headset before, so they’re excited to see what it’s like.  By holding a remote control, they’re able to point and click to where they want to walk, and the experience is shockingly similar to being in a real home. “When buyers step to the edge of the balcony, they instinctively reach for the railing as they look down to the street below,” Liz laughed.  “But if that’s a little too real, you can spend your tour focusing on the gracious living spaces, huge closets, beautiful contemporary kitchen, and floor-to-ceiling windows.”


Three Sixty West is under construction, and it’s currently 50% sold.  Typical of Belgravia developments, the excitement around the success of this building is contagious, as they are the only luxury development in the neighborhood under construction and delivering homes in early 2019.


If you’re interested in moving into a new luxury home in the coming year, stop by the Three Sixty West Sales Center to take a virtual walk through the residences.  You won’t be disappointed!

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