Design your dream home!

Chances are, you’ve suffered from interior design envy; a beautiful kitchen in a magazine, gorgeous tile in a friend’s home, or the perfect bathroom on Pinterest.  “Maybe someday,” you think, wondering if the day will ever actually come.

Well, if you are purchasing a home at Three Sixty West, that day is finally here!  Unlike many developers who offer as few as two or three packaged options where all the finishes are pre-selected, Belgravia Group offers a broad array of high-quality, high-end finishes for buyers to mix and match to reflect their individualized taste and preferences.

“At Belgravia Group, we don’t believe you can mass produce elegance. Personalizing your home is one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of buying a Belgravia Home,” said Liz Brooks, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Belgravia Group.  “Imagine moving into a home that is distinctly your own and not wanting to change a single thing about it.”

With more than 70 years of experience building luxury real estate in Chicago, Belgravia is known for their seamless customer process.  That’s why Belgravia employs experienced in-house designers to guide buyers through the selection process. Amanda Mason and Clare Reilly have their pulse on the latest design trends and continually refresh their inventory of finish offerings to reflect what’s new in the marketplace.   

“A lot of people come to the Sales Gallery with clippings from magazines, or Pinterest boards for design inspiration,” said Amanda, Senior Design Director at Belgravia Group. “Other times, people have no idea what they want, and that’s OK as well!  We work with residents to understand their preferences, and create or refine the vision they have for their Belgravia home.”

The Three Sixty West Sales Gallery has a curated collection of sample materials and finishes that buyers can touch and feel to help them visualize their new home.  And personalization doesn’t stop at finishes. Belgravia designers work with buyers to develop a full and comprehensive plan for their home including details such as lighting, plumbing and appliances.   

“At 55% sold, the momentum of this building is exciting.  We are under construction and delivering all of the residences in 2019,” said Liz.  “The opportunity to personalize your dream home is exciting, but it won’t be available forever. When our construction team is ready to work on the interiors, we choose the finishes and amenities for unsold residences rather than delaying construction.”

Visit the Developer Model Home today to learn more about personalization options for Three Sixty West. Time is running out to personalize your home. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for design inspiration! Now is the time to create the home you always wanted.

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Three Sixty West is developed by 356-366 Erie LLC and is exclusively marketed by Belgravia Realty Group. All information, including exterior facade, prices, square footage, features and amenities and availability subject to change without notice. Developer license #2501575.

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